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On this site you will find everything cat. No matter what your question or your interest you will find the answer here.

Of all the creatures in the world, we love cats best. Big cats, small cats, pedigree cats, moggies – even very big cats such as tigers and leopards will come under the microscope here from time to time.

You may already be a seasoned cat lover (like us) with half a dozen cats prowling around your home or you may never have owned a cat and be making tentative inquiries about getting a cat for a pet. There is something here for everyone.

Cats are independent creatures, yet at the same time can be incredibly loving. It is probably fair to say that you don’t “own” a cat – it chooses you! From the moment it enters your home, whether as a kitten or a fully grown stray, your cat is the boss. Somehow, cats manage to worm their way into our lives and take them over: that’s why we love them so much.

Here at (website) there is everything you need to know. From choosing your first kitten – what to look for in a litter and how to select the right kitten from the half dozen or so proudly presented to you by the mother – on to taking your kitten home, early feeding tips, care of a juvenile cat, and bringing it on to adulthood.

One of the great advantages of cats is that they do not require constant fussing, but they do, of course, need some basic care. As with any young animal, they need to visit the vet for injections against some of the nastier diseases that can affect them, but by and large your cat will just get on with its life and share your home and company.

We’ll cover appropriate feeding and care, none of which is very complicated, grooming (different types of coat require different grooming techniques), and answer all your questions such as “why did my cat do THIS….?”

Whatever the question, you’ll find the answer here. In addition, we encourage you to send in photos of your cat/kitten doing all sorts of silly things (as cats do) for the general amusement of your fellow cat lovers.

Once again, welcome! Do take a few minutes to explore the site, and click on the Contact Us link at the top of the page if you have any questions. We endeavor to answer all questions within 24 hours.