Cat Behavior

Cats sometimes do what we might regard as the strangest things, and we wonder why they are doing them and what they are trying to tell us (if anything). A lot of meowing can mean a number of things. If you have an un-spayed female (known as a queen) or un-neutered tom you will hear

Sharing Your Home With A Cat

Whether you are staring this new phase of your life as a cat owner with a kitten or an adult cat, there are a number of things that you need to consider and make preparation for before you bring your new friend into your home. Cats are independent creatures, and this is one of the

Cat Grooming Needs

Most cats spend a considerable amount of time grooming themselves and seem to be proud of their appearance, so you might wonder why they would ever need any help from you. Cats that have short hair may not need so much assistance as cats that have long hair, but both will appreciate grooming from time

Types Of Cats

There are very many different breeds of cat, and if you are considering becoming a breeder, or just want to own a particular pedigree cat, then you have a wide choice. We will look at some of the different breeds here, together with their particular traits and idiosyncrasies. However, suffice it to say that 90%

Feeding Your Cat

In order to ensure that your new kitten grows into a healthy cat, the type of food that you choose and the feeding schedule is of considerable importance. Kittens have different nutritional requirements from adult cats, so you should feed you kitten a proprietary food that is designed specifically for kittens. Pet food labels will

Choosing Your First Cat

If you have never owned a cat and are considering getting one as a pet there are a number of things to take into account before you take the plunge Above all, do NOT grab the first kitten that you see, no matter how adorable it may be, because every kitten, without exception, looks adorable

Introduction To Cat Ownership

So you now have your first cat (or kitten). Congratulations. You are in for many years of fun and laughter. You have also taken on the responsibility of looking after another living creature. While cats are natural hunters and can fend for themselves if necessary, the domestic cat expects its food to be served on